‘Private’ Builder or ‘Project home’ builder?

How do you make this decision?

  1. Read review websites
  2. Talk to friends that have built
  3. Visit home shows
  4. Visit display home villages
  5. Roam the streets identifying houses that you like and working out who built them
  6. Talk to builders
  7. All of the above and anything else you can thing of.

For us it was ‘7 – all of the above’.

We went down the path of looking at a few ‘private’ builders rather than ‘project’ builders. We were lucky enough to get onto a couple of guys (Bob Lay Builders and Craig Rynne Constructions (Craig does some amazing Hampton style houses!)) that were really good and really honest. For what we wanted to do, these guys were great for having open and frank conversations about what was possible to do within our budget.  It was from these discussions were came to our first cross road! Do we go down the path of a private builder or down the ‘project’ builder?

After a fairly quick look at what was out there in ‘project’ builder land, it quickly became apparent that we could get more house (square metres) from the project builders than we could with the private builders. However the private builders would be able to give us more of a ‘customised’ house in terms of design but mostly in terms of customisation of kitchens, bathrooms etc and with the quality of finishes.

So what to do? In the end we decided that we would prefer to have a bigger house with a more standard finish than a slightly smaller house with a higher level of finish.

Right now, four months after making that decision, I’m still not sure it was the right one. But I tell myself that we can always live in the new house for a few years and then upgrade the finishes once the new house feel has worn off! That’s what I keep telling myself anyway….

So for us we decided to use a ‘project home’ builder option. But which one?!


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