Site work

So let’s get this blog up to speed!

So much has happened! Our File went to construction on 27 August 2015

Earth works happened on 3 September 2015. This was a lovely surprise! We just came home (we live just down the road) and saw our levelled block.

We were a little concerned that they may have made the height of the block a bit to low, but once they levelled all the cut around the slab pad it was ok.

The Surveyor came back on 7 September.

Piering happened on 8 September


Drainage/plumbing was done by 10 September.

Drainage and plumbing

Slab frame was done on 11 September and we also had a pre-slab inspection by Craig Rynne Builders. He picked up a few things, which Clarendon sorted out and then it was good to go.


The slab was laid on 14 September 2015.  This made us finally realise we are building a very big house!

Brendan Iphone 004 Slab

Temporary Fence  arrived on the 15th of September

Temp fence

Frames started on 16 September! Happens so fasts once they get going!

Brendan Iphone 008

Down stairs frames were done by 22 September, or perhaps more accurately, the scaffold went up so that the carpenter’s could start the 2nd level.

Second story fames went up on the 25th and the next level of scaffolding when up as well so they could do the roof frames.

Roof frames/trusses were all done by 30 September 2015.

Brendan Iphone 009

Facia and gutters started going on 6 October 2015. We were originally going to have a light coloured facia but changed it to be monument and are very happy that we did.

All of this has happened very smoothly, especially given we had three site supervisors in this period.

Clarendon have also come to the party in regards to allowing us to remove our alfresco tiles from the contract so that we can have the same tiles on the alfresco run out to the pool. So this tiling will be done after handover.  Clarendon didn’t have to do this, so we are pretty happy with our CSC at the moment.

Roof tiles are the next things, they are almost done so I will put another post up shortly.


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