The Build continues – Roof tiles!

Brendan Iphone 012 The tilers got the upper roof on pretty quickly on 8/9 of October. We have selected monument fascia and gutters with Magnum tiles from Bristile.

Brendan Iphone 010

They came back last week and did most of the tiling for the alfresco roof and have more tiling to go on the roof able the garage. I’m not sure if they will finish off the lower roof before they do the brick work and outside boards.

We have our frame inspection booked for Monday coming (2/11/15) It was booked earlier but we have changed our site supervisor again, and had a bit of rain…so things have been a little delayed. The inspection is really for our peace of mind – if nothing else it let us know that the frames are straight!

The electricians and plumbers have been doing the rough in this week, so that should just about be all done by Today (Friday). There were certainly a few utes parked near the house this morning when I left. Being so close to the build its always a great start to the day when I leave to go to work and there are  builders already on site!

One thing we did pick up very late was the installation of a TV antenna! We hadn’t raised it during all the planning or electrical appointments (and neither had Clarendon or the electrical company) and it only occurred to me when i was looking at the roof and thinking about the electrical rough in that we didn’t have an antenna, despite the fact that we have multiple AV points through the house! Anyway, it was just a call to the electrical contractor and they gave us a quote to do it and now it will be all sorted before the house is finished!

The other big change this week was in regards to our alfresco tiles. Our CSC sent us our ‘variation’ for removing the alfresco floor tiles on Thursday. She did a great job in helping us sort out a bit of a dilemma – we wanted to have the same tiles in the alfresco run out around the pool. Unfortunatley the tiles we had selected for the alfresco wouldn’t have been suitable around the pool. Fortunately when I raised this with our CSC she arranged for us to be able to remove the alfresco tiles from the contract. This allows us to source suitable tiles after handover and have the one ‘look’ right out to the pool.

It also nice to see a negative number on a variation too!!

Today (Friday 30 October 2015)  the builders are putting our windows in and our CSC has advised that we will have bricks starting in the next two weeks!

Hopefully it keeps moving along as it has! It would be amazing if it was at lock up before the Christmas shutdown!


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