Well today i’m just posting cause i’m pretty pissed with clarendon and their terrible communication skills through out the whole organisation!

Last week, we finally had our frame inspection. Nothing major was wrong though were were a few walls that weren’t straight/plumb and a number of frames that weren’t level. All fixable apparently.

One thing our building inspector picked up was that some of the frames were bowed, but rather than crimping them back to straighten them, they simple planed off the bowed part. This makes the bow level, but then they didn’t pack out the other side to make it level.

Anyway communication! so meeting with the SS on site and he tells us (Monday 2/11/15) that bricks will start next week. Great!

Next week rolls round and on Thursday 12/11/15 we get an email from our CSC that a date for the bricks hasn’t been locked in, but rest assured progress has happened on our build with eaves and cladding apparently being installed.

Well first of, not happy that the bricks aren’t locked in. not only have they not started, but it is anyones guess when they might actually start.

As for the eaves and cladding! the scaffolding came down more than two weeks ago! so even if they had been delivered, they certainly wouldn’t be getting put up! and from a look at the building journey, eaves don’t happen for ages!

I honestly think she didn’t know which property she was giving the update on! Which again raises a concern!

Anyway, I’ve emailed Clarendon. I’ve asked if they could give us accurate updates on our build. I would rather they told us that nothing was going to happen on our site for a few of weeks because of XXX, than be told, for example, ‘that bricks will be starting in two weeks’ only to wait two weeks and then be told that there isn’t an exact date for the bricks to start yet.  There isn’t much worse than expecting something, and then not have it happen.

I’m sure dealing with all builders has its drawbacks but honestly, if someone asked me if i would recommend Clarendon to build a home, I would tell them to look else where.


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