Progress (or lack of)

So its been three weeks today since we had a meeting on site with our site supervisor (SS) and had our own frame inspection done.  The day of the frame inspections/site meeting was good. We had a good ‘chat’ with the site supervisor and got a bit of confidence that things were going to continue to happen on our site.

In fact on that day (Monday 2 November 2015), our site supervisor told us that the lower half of the house would be wrapped, the rest of the tiles (lower roof) would be done, the mistakes (air con drop was run through a bed room resulting in a strange boxed out ‘addition’ to the room, rather than where it should have gone) and the points identified in the frame inspection would be addressed that week and the brickies would be starting at the end of the next week.

So what’s happened in three weeks? Well Clarendon have wrapped the house (that happened Monday 2/11/15) after our inspection. The tilers came back and have ‘loosely’ tiled the lower roof on Tuesday 3/11/15. Apparently the site supervisor, the air con guy and a plumber have met to discuss how to fix the air con problem and have agreed to fix it. And on Tuesday 10/11/15 one guy came and straightened some of the walls.

To date the air con drop/tubing and surrounding box frame is still in the bedroom and hasn’t been touched.

So in three weeks we have probably had 2 days of work done on the house. disappointing to say the least and super frustrating given that we live across the road and can see the lack of progress every morning when we go to work and every afternoon when we return. So we emailed our customer support consultant to get our weekly update report on Thursday 19/11/15.

On Friday 20/11/15 we received an email from our customer support consultant (CSC) advising us:

“the area manager has re schedule a team of bricklayer to start your project next week.

They have currently just started doing to lower brickwork on another project of ours. As soon as they are completed the lower brickwork on that project, They will move off that project on to your project to do the lower brickwork stage.

Once the lower brickwork is done we then have to get scaffolded constructed to enable the bricklayers to do the top level brickwork so this bricklaying team will be working between your project and the other project to complete the brickwork.

I do not have an exact day the bricklayers will be starting but as soon as the lower level is completed on the house they are on now they will be going to your project.”


What I got from the email was that there may be brickies starting at our place sometime in the future when they finish working somewhere else.

I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath…and be thankful they aren’t responsible for scheduling trains!

Anyway, we have been reassured that our house is still ahead of schedule. And i will say that when they do come onsite, the Clarendon sub-contractors do smash through a lot of work. That’s probably why we get so frustrated with it. We know they can do so much so quickly, so when it sits there with nothing happening its just painful!




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