Weekly update – Thursday 26/11/15

So we received an update (email and phone call) from our CSC. Not that special I hear you say! but what if I told you we didn’t even have to send an email or make a phone call to prompt this weekly update!

The surprise of getting this ‘spontaneous’ update almost outweighed the disappointing news it brought….

No bricks or brickies for another week! Apparently the brickies we were supposed to get have been delayed and are still working on their currently place and won’t be available until next week.

That was the bad news.

The good news is that our SS has arranged for ‘Nigel’ to do our bricks starting next Thursday 3 December 2015. Our CSC then told us that Nigel is the best brickie they have on their books. Not sure if this is what they say when they finally lock in any brick layer or if true…

As i was on the phone, I didn’t know whether I should blow up about the fact that it will be over 4 weeks since the house was blue wrapped before the bricks start  or whether I should be grateful that I now had a confirmed brick start date with Nigel the super brickie!

Anyway, i just thanked our CSC profusely for arranging the bricks for next week – somehow they had convinced me they had done me a favour and not the job I am paying them to do.

So with the ‘super brickie’ lined up for our place, Clarendon have once again raised my expectation that we will have a hassle free, faultless bricking job done on our place. Here’s hoping!I can guarantee that Clarendon will be hearing about it if it isn’t spot on!

While i had the CSC on the phone i asked about our outstanding issues of the

  • air con duct and was told that Drew the air con guy had been in the office and would be sorting it out early next week; and
  • the broken front window frame – which our SS has notified the window company and is ‘all in hand’ to be fixed.

Now that I’ve typed this its just come to me that the update really was that:

  • nothing is happening this week and that the bricks we were supposed to have started two weeks ago will probably start late next week.

Ha and for some reason I was happy when I got off the phone from the CSC.

So in terms of progress for the entire month of November we had:

  • a site inspection with our building inspector that picked out a number of problems with walls not being straight/square or level.
  • the lower half of the house wrapped (Monday 2/11/15)
  • the remainder of the tiles put on the lower rood (3/11/15 but started tiling on 8/10/15)
  • and a guy come out to fix the problems with the frames (10/11/15)

Funny to think that in early October we were so amazed at the progress we thought there was a chance we might have a house to move into in February. At this stage we will be lucky to have the house bricked up by Christmas.

On the bright side of things, this means we won’t be putting our house on the market in December and that means I can put the christmas lights up outside!


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