External Cladding and interior plasterboad

Happy new year!

So been a while since my last post (8 december!) and much has happened.

Since then Clarendon have gotten the engineers to sort out the frame overhanging the slab which is good.

Bricks are still continuing with the alfresco pillars, window sills and our whole garage wall still to be done. We were excited about the bricks when they first started but like everything in this build it is now just dragging on!

Nothing seems to just happen and now we have noticed that our front balcony isn’t what we expected.  The brick work appears to finish a bit lower than the plan (from our calculations/measuring) and we have been left with more of the metal post stirrups showing than we would have liked. It’s a shame as the header row the brickies laid was very neat. This has been raised with our Site Supervisor (12/1/16) who was going to bring it up with the construction manager  – hopefully they can get the brickies to lay another row of bricks!

We are also still trying to get the brickies to do a header row of bricks above our door that goes out to the alfresco. As we are using slurry faced bricks the colour of the bricks (main brick is moondust) is only on the face side of the brick and the edges. So when the bricks are laid in rows over the windows/door ways you can see the orange/brown of the brick and not the moondust colour that we wanted. If the brickies put a header row in then you only see the moondust colour.  Apparently rows are what the standard requires, but we have asked anyway!

It certainly would have been good if Clarendon had a display brick home that wasn’t rendered as we may have picked this up earlier. Anyway another lesson learnt for the next time we build…..

In other progress, the exterior cladding is all but done and so are most of the eves. It really looks like a house from the outside now!

Last week we were told that plaster boards would be hung this week – however they started last Friday! Which was great. The tradies had left the gate unlocked on Friday so we went in for a look. the upstairs was pretty much all sheet-ed! looked good too!

But they yet again we hit another snag! the extra sound insulation that we included in the contract hadn’t been installed in the areas where they had already but up the plasterboard- not impressed. we have notified the CSC and SS about this and i am sure they will fix it up.

I know its not a difficult fix – just take down the plasterboard, chip off the glue, stick the insulation in and then hang new plasterboard  BUT i honestly believe that had we not checked that it was there it wouldn’t have been picked up and we would have paid for something that wasn’t there.

Anyway the good news is the house is starting to come together. we are just over 19 weeks since the construction (site work) started and when we met with our SS last week he told us that he is pushing to get our place done by Easter/Late March/Early April and has all the trades lined up.

Pictures to follow!



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