Progress, I think…

I wanted to do a nice positive blog today but the more i think about our build, the less nice things i have to say.

Anyway Progress, maybe. We had a site meeting this morning with our SS and our Construction Manager (initials SD). We booked the meeting on site as we had a few things we wanted cleared up and then yesterday came home to find the house was being painted in the wrong colour! I would almost say it’s been a comedy of errors if only it was funny!

Anyway the key points from today that were addressed:

  1. Insulation not installed – we have been reassured by both our SS and CM that the insulation will be installed as per the contract. Apparently it has been installed in all the walls except for where the alfresco roof peak covers the back bedroom walls. The CM said he doesn’t know why the insulation installers do that, but he is making sure there will be insulation in the walls there. They will need to go through the alfresco roof (i.e remove tiles) to install it, but that’s what they are going to do. He will also be providing photos as we requested when we found out they had hung the plasterboard without the insulation.  So this is addressed pending the photos.
  2. Front balcony bricks – the brick balcony is too low. No one has told us why as they believe they have the right number of brick rows but anyway, the CM gave us a big talk about them ‘doing the right thing by us and us coming to the party and compromising to meet them halfway’. He then said that he would remove the header row of bricks, lay another ‘normal’ row and put the header row back on – which is exactly what we wanted (and still think is what should have been done in the first place!).
  3. Header row above the back door – and now our turn to compromise – CM started by saying that if he was going by the book he would leave us a few bricks and we could arrange our own brickie to lay a header row above the door. He then said that there will be a bit of beading put up and that the painter will paint the galvanised metal and that is what will happen. So no header row for us and we will just have to put up with the non coloured part of the bricks showing.  At least now we have seen what the coach house paint colour looks like and it is very close to the moon dust bricks so hopefully  we can paint the under side of the bricks.
  4. Air con ducting being ‘kinked’. CM started telling us that the ducts are made to be able to be crushed a little. We repeated that we were concerned that the kinks would effect the air flow. CM told us that the kinking may even have a positive/jet effect.  By the time it gets to the duct opening It won’t. Anyway the solution going forward is that the air con guys will commission the system earlier than usual and if there is any problem with it, it will be on the air con guys to pull down the plasterboard, fix the ducting, reinstall the plasterboard, painting etc. I still think it would have been easier for the air con guy to come out and inspect it prior to the plaster board being hung and making a call on whether it was good or not but this is what we are doing. Guess I better work out how to test air flow now!
  5. ‘Spongy’ floor in the entrance to bedroom 5. After repeatedly raising this they are now going to cut a hole in the floor and work out why it’s spongy. Not ideal but hopefully will fix it.
  6. Outstanding brickwork (pillars, sills and garage wall).   Brickie is supposed to be back next week to finish and rectify. We pointed out the wonky sills again and were told that as long as the sills are level at the top there isn’t much you can do for wonky sills as there is a degree of variation in each brick.  Good story – they had better be level on top I guess otherwise they are doing them again.

i think they were the main outstanding points. In terms of going forward

  1. The tilers were doing the lower roof this morning
  2. Scaffolding came down today
  3. carpenters for skirts etc back on Friday.
  4. kitchen cabinets installed on 8 feb
  5. tilers before the painter (mid feb?). We are getting the construction managers tiler (matt?) who apparently ‘normally does high end’ tiling and is supposed to be really good. Hopefully!!
  6. brickies are back late next week
  7. stairs in mid February!
  8. painter is now pushed back to  March – apparently they are having trouble locking in painters.
  9. CM advised that they can’t give us a date just yet but we could consider 8 weeks after the kitchen cabinets are all installed a reasonable timeframe. Guess Easter is now out of the question!

So some progress and some things to look forward to over the next month which will be good.

and just now as I write this I received a text from our soon to be neighbours letting us know that a whole bunch of mortar had been ‘flicked’ over their house and a heap of builders debris over their backyard. So another email to clarendon to get them to clean up our neighbours place.

Another reason to recommend Clarendon….


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