Clarendon progress updates

This morning we received a weekly update from our Customer Service Consultant (CSC). In the past these updates have been hit and miss. Some weeks we get them, more weeks we don’t. Sometimes they delivering fantastic news on the progress made and the plan for the weeks ahead. However the updates usually don’t say much or, like in today’s case, are just wrong and misleading.

Below is a copy of the email sent today (names have been removed)

“I have been advised by SS that the bricklaying as been completed now.

Fox out will start today.

Stairs will follow after to being installed.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kind Regards


Apart from the grammar (and trust me I’m not one to judge!) it looks like a pretty good update. But the problem with it is that it is wrong. Just so wrong.

To start – the bricks aren’t completed!  They still need to brick the side of the garage, the alfresco pillars, the balcony bricks need another row, window sills still to be done and the defective bricks/bricking previously raised still needs to be rectified. So no bricks aren’t complete.

And then – what is fox out? Did the CSC mean Box out or fit out? Or do we have a rabbit problem at our house and Clarendon need to let the fox out to get rid of the rabbits? Hopefully it’s fit out.

As for “Stairs to follow after to be installed”, well the stairs were installed on Tuesday. Our SS even text through a picture of them.

And in terms of an update, what about an update on our outstanding queries that we haven’t heard anything on?

I know I’m being a bit picky but honestly this has been the kind of updates we have gotten through out the whole build. It certainly doesn’t fill me with confidence that they know what is happening on our build. It also really makes me wonder if all the things they said they have done have actually happen e.g wall insulation etc.

Anyway- deep breath- the build is continuing. The brickies are there today and hopefully will finish this week.

I have emailed a response to the CSC regarding the points above and have asked our csc to check with our ss that this was actually for our house as we have received someone else’ update previously.

One day i will have to do a post about the good things from this build!



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