Pre paint inspection



We had our private inspector do an pre-paint inspection last week

The inspection picked up a number of items. Mostly that a few walls/bulkheads weren’t straight and a few issues with the brick work (we had previously notified Clarendon about this).

What did take us back is that we have a ‘sag’ in our kitchen splashback window. This is going to be the main feature in our kitchen and for it to be sagging is crap. it will only be made more obvious when kitchen benches and cupboards are installed.  Anyway, The area manager has been made aware of it and  he will address it.

In addition we noted a number of windows where the brick work wasn’t really nice and flush. It kinda looked like there needed to be a layer of render on the bricks to make it look properly finished. But crap when we aren’t rendering our place. There might be some additional finishing to be done yet. I certainly won’t cop it if that’s how they leave it!

Also  the report noted a number of walls weren’t straight. There were more that weren’t great that Our building inspector didn’t put in the report as they were arguably within tolerances. What annoys me is that we sent Clarendon a copy of the last inspection report that identified all the walls that weren’t straight/level and then checked with and received from Clarendon assurances that they had all been addressed.  Pretty disappointing really I don’t think having straight walls is too much to expect.

With the brickwork issues – a few wonky bricks and some mortar lines that were way to thick – I was surprised with the process that will be taken to fix them. Rather than getting the brickies that laid them poorly to fix it up (they were still onsite on Friday) the area construction manger said he would get another brickie to fix them. Seems strange that Clarendon would pay another brickie to fix up mistakes that should have been rectified by the brickie that laid them. Anyway that’s for Clarendon to sort out. I’m just hoping it’s not a token statement from the area manager and no one fixes it – I can see this not getting fixed for a long time which is a shame since we first advised Clarendon of this brick problem before Christmas before they bricked the upper level of the house.

Anyway I’ve sent the report off to Clarendon to address.  Actually I should mention that we also asked about he possibility of having the windows in our theatre finished with a square set finish instead of the normal architrave as the bulkhead comes almost down to the window jambs and we would probably only end up with three sides of architrave and then some sort of strip across the top. Anyway we asked the area manager and he said he would have to check with ‘bob’. Fair enough.

So when I sent the report off to Clarendon I sent it to all the Clarendon contacts we have (to ensure everyone knows what’s happening) and we happened to have one ‘bob’ contact from Clarendon. Well it ends up that the ‘bob’ I emailed was the GM of Clarendon in Queensland. Ha don’t think it’s the bob the area manager was talking about! Ha. But we did then get a call from our SS late on a Friday arvo and an email from the area manager on the Sunday acknowledging the report. So maybe it was a good thing! Ha nar I don’t think I will include GM Bob will be on our  regular emails!!

And lastly I should talk up the good things too!

The  brickies added the extra row of bricks to our balcony which looks a million  times better than it did before.

and now (a few days have pasted since I started drafting this) we have our front door in place. All the down stairs skirts and architraves were done, the down stairs internal doors had been hung and the house is really starting to look like it all may come together!!!

hopefully the upstairs was done today!

Our kitchen was supposed to go in this week but the kitchen guy rang and told us that the cava lini we selected was on back order so wouldn’t be there this week.  At least he let us know – not sure if Clarendon know though.

I’m sure our weekly update will bring us back up to speed on how it is all progressing and when the issues will be addressed or if they are with tolerance levels. Anyway our tiler is supposed to start in the middle of February. It will really look like a home when the tiles and cabinets are in.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder when the electrician is coming back? Better sort out the last payment for all our light fittings!!





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