Completion of week 23 / enclosed invoice

Friday the 12 saw the enclosed invoice arrive. We were kind of expecting it as they have been pretty much at lock up for awhile now. That said, we still need a window replaced, the outside is supposed to be painted but it’s only half painted and in the wrong colour still and a number of brick defects are still to be rectified. Actually I’m not sure how it works with brick defects – are the bricks considered completed even if the bricks still need to be fixed?

I figure it’s worth asking if they will fix the defects, install the window and finish the painting (in the right colour) before we pay this invoice.  I sent Clarendon an email asking this, not holding my breath on their response.

In more exciting news, our kitchen and bathroom cabinets have been installed! Looks great and we are pretty happy with our colour choices.

Unfortunately, like every there has still been an element of what I am now calling the ‘Clarendon factor’.

And yes I will once again state that I know things don’t always run like clockwork when building but I can’t honestly think of one stage or element of this entire building and admin process that didn’t have  a hiccup that we had to identify and notify Clarendon about. Actually wait, the Clarendon invoicing process seems to be pretty efficient!

Anyway, the issue this time is that the upper kitchen cabinets have been built to accommodate a slide out rangehood, which isn’t a great fit for the concealed rangehood we specifically had included in our plans.

We asked the guy installing and he said that they just build the cabinets based on whatever Clarendon send them. Our plans have the cabinets with a concealed rangehood so I’ve no idea what Clarendon sent to the cabinet maker.

I don’t think it’s that hard for Clarendon to provide their suppliers with the right plans. . Actually I probably expect to much given they gave our site supervisor the wrong plans too.


Im getting our current place ready for sale and I’m honestly wishing I had of never gone with Clarendon. I know our house will be great when it’s finished but the whole process building with them is just poor. I don’t think I could possibly recommend them to anyone despite their good plans.

Ha and I may as well continue my  whinging – so after our fox out and incorrect building update from our csc, the area manager sent us an email stating that all future updates will be coming from him. That sounded promising in terms of getting an update that was at least accurate.

So this week our update came from our site supervisor and not the area manager. I will say that we don’t mind getting the updates from our SS but this is just another example of what Clarendon say and what they do being different.

we have our tiler coming this week. We are supposed to be having a site meeting with him before he starts. He starts tomorrow but we are yet to hear from him. I guess he will probably do the screeding etc tomorrow before laying the tiles. Maybe he will call us tomorrow’s of arrange the meeting.

Again though, this is something I would have thought Clarendon would arrange just so that they know it has happened and that everyone knows what was agreed.

And my last observation for the day is the amazing review Clarendon is currently getting on the product review website! All the recent ones are giving them 5stars! I really wish we could have had their csc, SS and area manager!  I don’t know how you could give Clarendon five stars. Even if the house they finally hand over is absolutely amazing, their process, communication and general trustworthiness would have to get them marked down. Well it will in our review at any rate


Ok there’s my Sunday whinge done. Time to do some mulching and gardening.




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