Completion of week 26

So we are now 26 completed weeks deep into our build.

Our last meeting with our SS on 26 February was interesting as we have provided clarendon with a list of ‘issues’ we wanted addressed/advice on.

My understanding is that our AM has said that our house won’t be progressing any further until we have ‘signed off’ on all these issues. Which sounds fair enough, if they are going to address the issues in a timely manner.

What happened this week? Well it looks like a couple of bricks have been replaced and maybe a door jamb in the ensuite. Oh and they put three sides of architrave around our two theatre windows leaving the top off as its to small between the bulkhead and the window. so it looks like we have two “buckets” around our windows. It certainly doesn’t look like anything we expected and nothing like what is on display.

So that’s all that has happened since the tiler finished up two weeks ago.  Pretty disappointing really.

No idea when our internal painting will occur – ha they still have to finish painting outside as they painted about 80 per cent of it but in the wrong colour! Perhaps they are hoping that the colour grows on us and we decide to keep it. wishful thinking on their part if that is the case.

when we met our SS on  26 Feb he mentioned the possibility of the painter coming on the 7th of March (tomorrow) – I think that is just a fantasy now! There is still plastering to be done!

No idea when the electrician is coming back, probably after the painter (ha no idea when the painter is starting either!).

No idea when we can expect handover – the AM said a god rule of thumb was 8 weeks after kitchen cabinets were installed. So based on cabinet installation being completed about the 15th of Feb we are potentially looking at 11 April.  This would be amazing if it happens!

However, since our ‘rule of thumb’ conversation we haven’t been able to get even an estimated date out of them.

Well we have another meeting with our SS this week to see how things are travelling and what the plan is, so hopefully we can get a bit of news.




3 thoughts on “Completion of week 26

  1. That is pretty disappointing. You were making some pretty good progress to but hopefully you’ll get everything resolved, as it should be.


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