Handover date

So on Tuesday Morning (8/3/16) I asked for a update on when we could expect handover so that we can start to book our driveway and pool companies.

Got the following reply from our Construction Area Manager this morning (Friday)

Hello All,

The domestic building industry as a whole is experiencing substantial Trade shortages at present and this looks to continue for some time.

This has been documented by the HIA and Master Builders .

Clarendon has put forward Premium Rates to all the sub contractors engaged in your home moving forward .

In regards to your home we have had a delay with the painting contractor however he has now confirmed his availability to progress.

Before receiving your email late on Wednesday I had sent SS an Email to follow up on some general issues.

To minimise any delays, SS has or is underway checking the following.

Trade availability .

Re Checking measure and install dates of mirrors and shower screens .

Re Checking Plumbing fixture orders to ensure suppliers have selections ready to go.

SS has also rescheduled the Plasterer for the prepaint so he can be present on site .

SS has engaged other carpenters to tidy up some of the skirtings and doors to ensure the painters has a smooth run.

SS has checked with the electrical goods supplier to ensure they also have their stock ready to go.

I have addressed with The tiling company regarding the outstanding issues with the tiling and he has confirmed his intention to be ready for whenever SS requires his company to return.

There is no advantage to Clarendon to be delaying your build in any way it is actually a great disadvantage to all parties.

No persons involved wish this project to go any longer than necessary.

All the points you have raised previously are well documented and will be addressed in due course.

By close of business today you will receive correspondence on all the issues relating to the email received Wednesday Night.

Not really what i was after. Just a lot of excuses and really no real news or updates on progress. So I sent them this response below. Its a little narky but honestly I’m just so frustrated with them. anyway here it is. I’ll update when i get a response.

Thanks for your email, but SO WHAT? Is there an update in there at all? All of these things should have been done already and you are saying that this is now “underway”???  Great progress….

Everyone has heard that there are trade shortages. But it is interesting that these shortages only come out once you have signed a contract with Clarendon. All through the sales process we were told “oh it will be a 5 month build”. Even our first Site supervisor said that he had been building houses the size of ours in 5-6 months.  We were told that the 280 day contract was “the worst case scenario”.  I do want you to understand that a lot of our frustration has rolled over from the prolonged admin stage – but we see the delays in the building stage as just a continuance of poor service.

In relation to the delay with the painter. This is interesting, especially since we were told over a month ago that the painter was booked in for 14 March.  What happened there?

Clarendon is a big volume builder and because of this there is a big online community of your customers. This unfortunately for Clarendon means that customers can compare their progress with others. I know for a fact that there are many current Clarendon homes that started after ours that are now ahead of where we are. So when you tell us there are trade shortages that are delaying our home it does sounds like a bit of a poor excuse to me.  

I note from your email that you checking on a number of things. Please add to your list:

  • The location of the manhole – it isn’t as per the plan and will make wardrobe fitout problematic.
  • As per our email last night, that the insulation for the rear wall of bedroom 2 and 3 is acoustic insulation not just thermal. Also as Csc advised when we were organising this through a variation, that the insulation product used is better than the stuff from Bunnings – isn’t Knuaf Earthwool the stuff you get from Bunnings? Please stop mucking this up.

I really cannot stress enough that I will not appreciate any stuff ups with the fixtures. We spent a lot of time documenting all this stuff on Clarendon documents so it absolutely blows my mind when it isn’t right. So take some time and check that what is ordered is as per the contract/variations/selections and get it right.

I look forward to receiving correspondence today on the issues from the email on Wednesday night and I am also looking forward to receiving a proposed/tentative handover date as requested on Tuesday morning.

Updated Friday evening

So its been a busy day on the email. SD our area construction Manager has been plowing through all our emails and responding to us. Today we have received the update above and also a number of updates on our existing air con concerns and an update that clarendon will be utilising another bricklayer to remedy any brick faults. We also received a proposed handover date! 13 May 2016 so nine (9) weeks potentially.

We appreciate the efforts by Clarendon to get our build back on track and to get the issues addressed in a timely manner. Hopefully we can get it all done by May 13!

Also when we peered in this afternoon we could see that the kitchen cabinets had been fixed to be for a concealed rangehood, the broom closet door was installed and the laundry cabinets had been replaced with the handleless cupboard doors.

So all in all, despite all our whinging and noise this week, it probably ended up being a good week and we did get a useful progress update. Thanks Clarendon




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