End of week 28

28 weeks of construction done!

After our “email battle” last week we felt a little better about what was to be done at our home to finish it up by 13 May 2016.  Basically the following had to happen:

  • finish pre-paint prep (bit of plastering, sanding, gap filling etc) and address outstanding noted issues (bricks laying outside of tolerances, air con concerns, wonky bulkheads etc)
  • Brick clean
  • external paint
  • balcony rail installed
  • Garage door
  • internal paint (including clear coating of stairs and front door)
  • electrical fit off (installation of switches/lights etc)
  • plumbing fit off (taps etc)
  • installation of appliance
  • site and house clean
  • all relevant inspections

From the emails were thought we would see the pre-paint prep happen this week and maybe some of our issues be addressed.

What has happened – and there may have been more progress today – amounts to –

  • balcony railing installed (looks good too!)
  • Kitchen cabinetry fixed for the concealed range hood, missing cupboard door installed and handle-less laundry cabinet doors installed.
  • a little bit of pre-paint preparation – still needs a fair bit of plastering and sanding and maybe even some cornice to be done
  •  Also looks like they cut/removed some plasterboard to have a look at the air con ducting kinks to assess them.

I do like the balcony railing – neither of us can remember selecting the colour but are happy with it! (sorry about the dark picture)

pic of railing

So progress is happening, just not really the rapid movement that i was hoping for. Have my doubts that the painter will be there anytime soon. Though we do have the electrician coming on 6 April so i guess the painting will be done by then?

I’m looking forward to my weekly update to see what’s happening tomorrow and next week!



So yesterday Friday 18 March we had a bunch of tradies on site.

It looks like they fixed up some of the bricks and we now have a garage door. Also they moved our man hole into the correct place so it won’t impact on our wardrobe installation.


So good bit of progress this week and there is a tradie there today (Saturday) as well!!


5 thoughts on “End of week 28

  1. How much cornice has actually been done in your house. Every time I visit, zero cornice has been done except maybe a couple of rooms. How the heck is the tiler supposed to do the ground floor if cornice is still sitting on the floor!?!!

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