End of week 32

I have been a bit quiet on the blog the last few weeks.

However there has been plenty going on at our build!

My last post was about our bricks. To update the story we have since had the ‘acid wash’ of the bricks.

To say this has fixed our concerns would be a joke. Unfortunately like many things on this build, what should have been a step towards completion has resulted in more issues!  I’m honestly sick of it and really hope clarendon can sort it out.

As expected by us, the acid wash didn’t fix up:

  • the difference between the colour of the mortar of the replaced bricks and the existing bricks. The new bricks definitely have a grey mortar as opposed to the off white mortar.
  • The wonky bricks

What we didn’t expect and came as a nasty little surprise was that the ‘acid wash’ appears to have stripped off the colour of a lot of the moon dust bricks. It looks atrocious. The colour under the moondust colour is now showing through on so many bricks – I’m really at a loss at how they are going to fix this!

We did a bit of a search on the PGH Bricks website to see what could possibly have caused this. The website states that the bricks should be cleaned within ‘2 to 14 days of being laid’. Unfortunately the ground level bricks were laid back in December and not washed until late March! The only other way they get ruined during the clean is if the water pressure is excessive. (http://www.pghbricks.com.au/~/media/pgh/cleaningguide/pgh018-a4-cleaning-guide-page_hr-pdf.ashx)

We have again left this in our SS’s hands. An email from him this week said he had met with ‘an expert in matching mortar and colouring bricks’ to rectify brick issues on Tuesday. I will do a drive past this evening and see if anything has been rectified.  I don’t hold much confidence in some miracle fix but am hoping this can be turned around!

Ok so the short version – bricks are still not up to scratch.

Moving on.

As I mentioned at the start we have had a lot happening on our site.

Painting – Its now been painted!  Yay! The colour was Winter Ice and from our super quick look it looks great. Of course there are a few touch ups to be done but that I guess is to be expected.

Electrical – all our lights and ceiling fans and electrical appliances have been installed. It seems to have gone well. We did have to get to new bulbs for our lights that we bought way back May last year from Freedom. Freedom were really good about it, especially since it had been so long since we purchased them, and they just replaced the bulbs for us.

Fitout – fitout has continued with some of our cupboards now with shelves!


Pictures are better than my dribbling so here are some pics!


Main Bathroom

main bathroom 2main bathroom





Downstairs Bathroom

downstairs bathroom

Lights over the stairs

lights above stairs


Downstairs linen

downstairs linen




What next!

Looking at the house there isn’t much more to be done with Clarendon!

  • Kitchen tap needs to be changed over to the right one
  • Laundry door handle and lock needs to be changed over to the right one
  • Butlers sink needs a tap
  • Possibly a little bit of extra tiling / fixing some chipped and broken tiles
  • Painting touch ups
  • Bricks need to be addressed (this may be the tricky one).

So we are still working off a handover date of Friday 13 May 2016 given to us by the Construction Area Manager back in March. However, our SS has said he will set a Handover date this week. Hopefully it is a little earlier than 13 May!


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