End of week 33

Our temporary fencing was removed yesterday!

Fence gone


The site and house look so much better with the fence gone!

Though we have jokingly said that maybe Clarendon have declared our build a basket case and are removing all evidence of their involvement! ha No I don’t think it’s that bad! ha


In terms of completion it seems we are still moving forward towards a handover date of 13 May 2016. Given the fence was taken down yesterday I asked to be kept informed of any changes to the handover date – I was hoping it may have moved forward. The reply was a definite “No changes to handover data and there won’t be”.

I’m happy enough with that – really hope Clarendon can deliver by then.

Brick Issues

So still going on about our bricks. We have looked up the QBCC standards on this just to make sure we aren’t going off for no reason.

3.12 Cleaning, mortar smears and stains – Within 12 months from date of completion of the work, stains, mortar smears and damage caused by cleaning are defects if they are visible from a normal viewing position.

So we do have brick defects.

After not receiving any updates by COB on Friday last week I sent off an email to our SS, Area construction manager and our CSC asking for an update by Monday (18/4/16) on a range of things but particularly on our air con, bricks and mortar concerns. To my surprise and to his credit our SS replied to the email on Friday night. The update addressed some of the points I had asked about but didn’t fully alleviate my concerns – but there is only so much you can do through email.

One extra thing I did ask for was an opportunity to escalate my concerns above the Area Construction Manager. Unfortunately our Area construction manager didn’t seem to think this was necessary and didn’t pass on any contact details.

However, I quick google of product reviews leads you to the product review website and to the clarendon review page. Rather than post a one sided review,  I emailed the productreview@clarendon.com.au email address and  they got back to me very quickly. The contact there (and they are for the NSW Clarendon Homes) forwarded my enquiry on to the General Manager of Clarendon Homes in Queensland.

On Monday afternoon I received a call from the General Manager. I was able to discuss the concerns I have with the brick work and the mortar. He seemed to take it on board and said he would follow it up.

I have since sent him another email of all of our concerns and he has been very good at replying and providing me an update of what is actually going to happen as part of the review of the bricks with PGH and with the mortar.  At this stage PGH is coming on site on Friday 22/4/16 to review the bricks with Clarendon and the mortar colour expert should be on site next Tuesday 26/4/16 to look at fixing the mortar colour issues.

I am leaving it in Clarendon’s hands to come up with a satisfactory solution, but it was good to get a decent explanation on what is happening.

So a lot of back and forwarding on the continuing brick issues.

Work performed in week 33

In terms of actual progress this week, well then fence has come down and when i drove past there was a timber floor company van out the front. Hopefully they were there to finish up the timber stairs (there are no other timber floors in the house). And there seemed to be a bit of insulation chucked around the site so hopefully they have laid out the roof insulation.

I’m not holding my breath for an update this week – though I really would appreciate one. I think we have upset our SS and ACM. It is a shame and disappointing, but all we are asking is that our brand new house is built to the building standards. And the fact that Clarendon seemed to be more worried about looking after ‘their contractors’ than looking after Clarendon’s reputation and their customers is disappointing.





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