End of week 34

So big news this week! On tuesday morning we received an email from our CSC saying that we have reached Practical Completion  and that Handover will be on 12 May 2016!

Needless to say we are pretty happy that this has finally come round!

We have booked into do our inspection on Tuesday 3 May which should give Clarendon some time to fix any little issues and will also give us time to get the bank sorted so that we have a cheque ready.

We still have concerns regarding how Clarendon are going to fix up the bricks and mortar. They apparently had a representative from PGH out on site last Friday but we haven’t heard how that went.

We did notice that our mortar on our garage wall seem to have been smeared with something. Maybe a bleaching agent to try and make the mortar more uniform in appearance?

There was also a guy at the house today working/looking at the bricks. Not sure what he was doing as we just did a drive past.

Anyway the bricks are a know part. We are really hoping that the inside will be a walk in the park in terms of any issues. I would love there to be none but know that is unrealistic. We are paying the best part of half a million dollars for this house so I feel we can expect a pretty good quality product. I’m pretty sure our SS has given it a pretty thorough going over as they other day when I looked through the window we had all these red stickers all over the place. since then, we’ve had the painters back on site for a couple of day, a tiler as well I think.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting in and have a really good look at it all.

We got a copy of “Guide to a new house PCI (Pre-Completion Inspection)” by Brian Ashworth (available at anewhouse.com.au) . It comes with some handy tips and some room checklists. It is certainly a good starting point when nearing this stage!

I’ll post some photos on Tuesday!





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