Its all about us and our new home.

We are going to use the ‘About’ page to document the dates of the key stages as outlined by the Clarendon Homes Construction Journey document (see —> Construction Journey)

Basically we thought we could use this to monitor our progress against the advised/proposed dates for each stage and the actual dates.  I might have to play with the formatting but this is my first quick go.

Clarendon Homes Construction Journey Date monitoring
Stage Date proposed Actual date
Base stage
Excavation of Site 3/9/15  3/9/15
Complete piering works 8/9/15  8/9/15
Internal drainage installed 10/9/15  10/9/15
External drainage installed 10/9/15  10/9/15
Drainage inspection by appropriate authority  10/9/15  10/9/15
Formwork, pods and steel installed 11/9/15  11/9/15
Termite barrier installed (Part A penetrations)  ?  ?
Concrete slab poured 14/9/15  14/9/15
Progress Payment required by Client (Base 10%)
Frame / Enclosed Stage
Erect frame and roof trusses  6/10/15
Progress Payment required by Client (Frame 15%)
Frame inspection by appropriate authority  ? 30/10/15
Top fascia, gutter and roof installed  9/10/15
Internal electrical installed  30/10/15
Internal plumbing installed   30/10/15
Vacuum, alarm system, air conditioning rough in (if applicable)   30/10/15
Windows installed   30/10/15
Brickwork commences  12/11/15
Scaffold installed Brickwork completed  15/01/16
Top brick clean Top eave, downpipes  Top painter   28/01/2016   28/01/2016
Strip two storey scaffold  Install single storey scaffold  28/01/2016  28/01/2016
Lower fascia, gutter and lower roof installed  3/11/15
Progress Payment required by Client (Enclosed 35%)  12/2/2016
Wall insulation and gyprock installed  1/02/2016  28/01/2016
Waterproofing to wet areas  3/02/2016 3/2/16
External painting commences  25/1/2016
Fixing Stage and Practical Completion
Staircase installed Lock up  01/02/2016
Skirting and architraves installed  19/2/2016  10/3/2016
Kitchen and vanities installed  8/02/2016  11/3/2016
Carpentry complete
Meeting with tiler (if applicable)  Ceramic tile installed  16/02/2016

finished 20/2/16 with only final tiles to be done after toilets etc installed

Progress Payment required by Client (Fixing 20%)
Internal painting completed  14 March 2016  28/4/2016
Garage doors installed
Plumbing and electrical completed
Site and house clean completed
Quality inspection by Construction Area Manager
Final inspection by appropriate authority
Final inspection by Independent quality consultant
Final Payment required by Client and Handover of your new home (Practical completion 15%) verbally advised 15/04/2016

written proposed handover date: 13/5/2016


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