Bricks. AGAIN!!!

Popped past the house today and had a look at the brick rectification.

I was a bit disappointed by the difference in the mortar colour. Here’s a few pictures.


Less than impressed.

I have emailed our SS and CSCand CAM and our SS got back to me advising (tonight too after business hours) that we should reserve judgement till after the acid wash.

So I guess we will wait till after the acid wash.

I will say it was great that our SS got back to us so fast. He certainly has been good since he came on board.

he also gave us a good update on the work that has happened this week. They are still working towards 12 May.


Handover date – Update

Our Area Construction Manager got back to us on a proposed handover date. At this stage we are working towards 13 May 2016.

That is nine weeks away. Should be enough time to:

  • resolve the outstanding issues
  • outstanding plastering and cornice
  • External Painting
  • Internal Painting
  • Brick Clean
  • Garage doors
  • Plumbing fitting of fixtures
  • Electrical fixtures

Happy to finally have a light at the end of the tunnel – Hopefully Clarendon can achieve this time frame.

Week 27 complete

Another week down! This week we met up with our Site supervisor again on Tuesday to see how things were progressing. Its a bit of a funny situation in that the Area Manager has said that the SS cannot really give us updates in terms of future planning, but that said we were really just going through the list of issues.

Clarendon want us to sign off on the issues/defects we have previously raised before they continue the build. So we went through the list. We did sign off on a number of the outstanding items so there has been some progress.  Unfortunately not all issues were addressed or at least not addressed to our satisfaction. Still some work to go.

We are still struggling to resolve the architrave for our theater windows. Currently we have three sides of architrave with no top piece as the bulkhead is to close to the window. My wife says it looks like a bucket. I think it looks crap. Not sure how we will end up resolving this, but i don’t think three sides of architrave is the answer. Besides, i will have to charge Clarendon $1000 for the variation plus the 19 cents worth of architrave that they didn’t use. ha

We are also awaiting some action on the brick work that is outside of the QBCC tolerances. Only the same brick problem that we raised back in December.

Did get a bit of an update in that the pre paint preparation should be happening this week – I think that is the last of the plastering, little bits of cornice that were missed. I guess the painter must be next week.

We are really looking forward to the house progressing. We haven’t really got much to finish really – painting inside and out, roller doors, taps etc and electrical and we would be all but done. I asked for an update on when we can roughly expect handover and should hear back on that tomorrow.